Car Parking

Car Parking

Whangarei Airport has car parking available within easy reach of the terminal.

Public Car parking can be accessed directly by going in the 2nd gate about a 100m beyond the main entrance gateway.

If you wish to drop off passengers first, there is still the option to come in the first main entrance and park in the drop zone across the drive from the main terminal. These spaces are immediately past the taxi rank on opposite side of the raised pedestrian crossing. Please use these spaces just for dropping off passengers and bags. No vehicle is allowed to wait in this area and certainly not to be left un-accompanied.

Once dropped you can access the main car park direct from the exit drive.

Please note; no stopping is permitted on the left side outside the terminal. These are reserved for the frequent bus service, and shuttle buses who meet every flight. Room is limited and any parked vehicle on this side considerably hinders the traffic flow.

Parking is only available in the main car park.



Whangarei Airport
charges to park cars

Parking for 1 hour is free. After that hour the charge will be just $1.00 per hour to a maximum of $10.00 for each 24 hour period.

The $10 per 24 hour period will continue until end of period 6 when the subsequent daily fee will reduce to $5.00 per 24 hours (no part day charge applies). By day 14 total fee will be $100.00 and will not increase beyond that.

Lost ticket fee will be $100.00. However an avenue will be open to apply for a reduction if CCTV can confirm actual period of stay. A small charge ($10.00) will be made to process this.

To apply for a lost ticket refund apply by email to Supply the car registration, description (colour) etc. Approximate time you arrived and of course when you departed. We will check the CCTV and if we can confirm the information we will calculate the actual fee payable.  We will refund the difference less a fee of $10.00. Please allow us 4 business days to do this.

Payment will be via EFTPOS on either of two machines at the terminal building. A key pad is built into the pay station. Pay Wave option is available for credit cards as well. The exit gate does have EFTPOS payment capability but we prefer payment be made at the terminal to assist with traffic flow. (No cash).

The car park is well floodlit and CCTV watches over the area. Random security patrols through the night.

Car Park is Closed After Hours

Car owners are advised that the main entrance gates are locked each evening about 10:00 pm and unlocked again at about 4:00 am. This enhances security considerably. If flights are late or passengers are otherwise delayed and Air NZ provides alternate transport the gates will remain open later until the delayed passengers have returned. This does not happen if passengers make their own arrangements. You will find you can not get your car out if after hours when everyone has left for the day.

Anyone wishing to get their car out during the time gates are locked will need to ring security (Phone number on sign at gate). A security patrolman can respond and release the car but a fee of $75.00 to the security company will apply.

Rental Cars and Lock and Fly Clients…

It is important for rental cars and Lock and Fly clients to park their cars at the designated areas and not in the main public car park. Those organisations will have difficulty retrieving the cars if they are parked inside the Carpark, especially if the ticket is not available.

Drivers of these cars should drive into the 1st main entrance. Rental car companies have a sign posted area to the left at the end of the drive in either a small car park or along Dakota Lane immediately adjacent. Lock and Fly clients should go down Dakota Lane. The drop zone is near the end on the right hand side.