Pilot Information

Pilot Info

Terms and Conditions of use

The airport is open 24 hours a day. Prior permission is not required to use the airport; however, there are conditions of use…

  • Circuit direction per the NZAIP Vol. 4 (Visual Flight Rules) must be followed.

  • Gyro Copters and Helicopters must be no lower than 500 ft above airfield in downwind leg. All other aircraft to be 1,000ft.

  • All approaches (all aircraft types) to land must be along the extended centre lines of the runways.

  • Final turns to line up for landing and 1st turns executed after takeoff, to be commenced once clear of the shoreline and not below 500' AGL, (no turning out over neighbouring houses).

  • Pilots must follow any direction given by airport staff.


Note: we do understand that some training will require some forms of variations to the above. But this must be only for training purposes.



Helicopter Training

The airport noise management plan restricts hover like training of helicopters pilots within the airport boundary to 1 hour duration max. Designated areas have been established as to where within the airport this can be done. 

There must be a gap of 1 hour before another period of 1 hour can be carried out. If there is more than 1 operator training, the operators must collaborate to ensure equal sharing of the times. Arrangements have been made where the private airstrip at Te Mata (5 miles South or airport) is available to be used for hover training. Helicopter operators are encouraged to use this option. (Please be respectful that sometimes farm animals are nearby at Te Mata. Avoid being too near or startling them).