Airlines / Operators

Airlines / Operators

Air New Zealand Link operates daily scheduled flights to Auckland (Approx flight time- 25 minutes).
Auckland is a major hub airport connecting passengers to all Air New Zealand destinations (domestic or International).

Booking flights from Whangarei to an on connected flight with Air NZ has the added advantage of checked luggage being automatically transferred at Auckland.
This applies to both domestic and international destinations.

Air NZ Flight Information click the following links.

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Air NZ Passenger Information…

Operating an airline is a complex matter and many procedures and protocols are in place to ensure the flights operate on time, safely and in compliance with regulations. This means rules are in place and staff cannot make exceptions. Things like minimum check times are strictly adhered to so please note as highlighted below….

Check-in reminder from Air New Zealand

Travelling on an Air New Zealand regional or domestic flight? Remember, check-in must be completed at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure – even if you’re travelling with carry-on luggage only.

Check-in opens online 24 hours before scheduled departure where you can check in early via the Air New Zealand mobile app or website.

Bag drop closes 30 minutes before the scheduled departure and Air New Zealand recommends customers allow themselves plenty of time by arriving at the airport well before check-in closes. Air New Zealand is working hard to ensure its services depart Whangarei on time and if you have not completed the check-in process 30 minutes before departure, you will not be accepted for travel.

Further to the above, we offer the following information for - International Travellers.

It is important to check directly with your chosen airline for their requirements as they will vary from airline to airline and country to country.

Generally, it is possible to book travel from Whangarei to an overseas destination. If you have booked this with Air New Zealand all-in-one booking, you may be able to check in for the whole journey at Whangarei. For this, you need to check in earlier (at least an hour) and have your travel documents available to be viewed.



Sunair Aviation

Sunair is now operating flights to Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua and Great Barrier Island.

Sunair operate from their own Terminal building right next door to the main airport terminal.

To make a booking of see further information contact Sunair on 0800 SUNAIR (0800 786 247) or


Skywork Helicopters LTD

Skywork Helicopters Ltd provide a complete charter,scenic flight and tourism helicopter services.


Flight Training

Microlight Aircraft Flight Training is offered by the Whangarei Flying Club.