Airport Community

Airport Community

The airport community is quite varied. The airport itself supports a variety of operators from private aircraft owners and their hangars to helicopters operators, aircraft maintenance providers, Rental car providers airline and air charter providers and in deed the café.

Surrounding the airport is another community, these are our neighbours. Mostly residential housing, but there is a sprinkling of commercial activities, a Church, a Fire Station and sports fields which are actually on airport land.

Whist we try and be good and neighbourly we may not always get along. Noise from aircraft can be nuisance to some, whilst others love to see the aviation activity and state it one reason why they live here.




To try and mitigate against noise nuisance the airport has through consultation developed a Noise Management Plan. The aim is try and get an even balance of being able to operate airport related activities in a way to lessen our impact on the surrounding community.

The Whangarei District Council has created a noise allocation. This is a system where there is defined inner and outer noise control boundaries. This is so that any residents who live within these boundaries can know what levels to expect. It is also incumbent on the airport to ensure that these levels are not exceeded.

The link below shows the latest report on how we are doing. This was based on data from the 2018 year. We normally update this 2 yearly. However the COVID shut down over two complete months and the on going overall reduction in flight movements will mean the next profile will likely be done once we start to approach the levels of activity we had in 2018.

Download Figure 1 2018 Noise Compliance Contours