Now that we are operating under Level 1 of the COVID -19 Pandemic we have removed most of the special provisions we had in place to comply with the higher alert levels.

We are mostly working as per normal – But…

Contact tracing is still an important part of Level 1. Air NZ passengers need not register as the booking system will already be sufficient for contact tracing purposes.  However we are asking any visitors to the terminal to register. We have the QR code on the glass entrance door area which is the government created app that you are most likely familiar with.

Separation. please try and keep 2 m separation from anyone you don’t know or have regular contact with.

Hand Sanitiser. We have 5 sanitiser stations inside the terminal. These are automatic dispensers that dispense a shot with movement of hand near the nozzle.

Time. It may take a little longer to process passengers. We recommend that you allow an extra 15 minutes.

Waiting. Once you have checked in, please wait in the seated area. It would be best if inbound passengers avoided contact with the waiting to depart passengers.

Face Masks. If conditions are crowded please consider wearing a face mask inside the Terminal. Air Operators are required to insist a mask be worn for the flight. (These are usually supplied at time of boarding).

General. The surfaces, especially those likely to be touched will be sanitised after every scheduled flight and once more each day.

We thank you for you cooperation