Now that we are operating under Level 2 of the COVID -19 Pandemic we have had to put in place some special provisions to comply with Government guidelines and legislation.

The below is some information to try and inform you of what these are.


It may take a little longer to process passengers. We recommend that you allow an extra 15 minutes.


Air NZ side.

Because of the need to contact trace, we have opted to split the Airport terminal into two areas.

Passengers booked on flights will enter via a separate door (the one down near the bag claim area) it will be well sign posted. Only passengers will be admitted. There is no need to sign in as Air NZ will hold contact details for all passengers. No well wishers will be allowed in. We recommend only one person comes out to the airport to drop off and pick up.

Air NZ passengers will have access to the unisex/disabled toilet.

Any other person who needs to enter the Air NZ section who is not a passenger, can speak with the airport staff member who will be near the door. This could be a care giver or a person needing to access the disabled toilet or simply contractors who need access. In these cases  the Airport Duty Manager will record details per the contact tracing requirements.

Once you have checked in, please wait in the seated area. We intend to have inbound passengers avoid contact with the waiting to depart passengers by having them file straight in through past the waiting area. Those with no bags or car requirements should proceed straight out of the terminal. Marks on the floor will show the queue area for bag claim. Staff will direct you to collect bags one at a time to avoid the crush around the trolleys.

A table is located at the partition so that rental car companies can deal with clients without the need to change bubbles. The Café can also do contactless service to Air NZ area via another table. Lock and Fly box access is within the Air NZ area.

Café side.

We have separated the terminal so that the Café is a separate bubble to the Air NZ section. The main entrance is used to access the Café. Contact tracing sign in will be required. This can be done contactless via a QR code and your phone or you can do manually with a visitor book. Whilst this area is mainly for Café access we appreciate public may need to use the toilets or visit the rental car counter to drop keys etc. This is fine but sign in will still be required. The Café staff will operate per the usual rules for cafes with seated patrons etc. We have spaced out the tables for this purpose.


In addition to the usual soap and water in the toilets there are 5 hand sanitiser stations on the walls about the Terminal. The surfaces especially those likely to be touched will be sanitised after every scheduled flight and once more each day.


We understand these are not a normal way of operating and we will tweak things as we go.

It is important that in contact traced zones you should try and maintain at least 1m of separation. We have put markers all over the floor to indicate these spaces. Outside the distance remains 2m. Please be mindful of this, try park 1 car space away from others for example.

We know the above seems to be complex but I am sure it will all come clear once you arrive. The main point to remember is that meeting and farewells are expected to occur outside of the terminal.

We thank you for you cooperation