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Whangarei Cycleway Network
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Whangarei Cycleway Network

Whangarei cycleway network is a project which connects the main residential areas of whangarei with the central business district, and other places people frequent, like shopping centers, sports fields and schools.

There are three paths already completed or in development; Kamo, Onerahi and Raumanga/Maunu shared paths. The Onerahi path includes the Waimahanga track which runs between the Onerahi foreshore and Waimahanga It runs through an intertidal zone dominated by mangroves.

The track is approximately 2.5km and has a gravel surface and is suitable for biking. There is car parking at either end. Alternatively, you can link in to the Hatea Loop track via the Onerahi shared path. You can start at the Airport where there is plenty of parking or at one of the many carparks along the Hatea loop. Incorporating the Onerahi shared path, Waimahanga track and Hatea loop together makes an easy 18km grade 2 ride.